6 December 2007

A Lil' Taste of Home

No, not maples products. Not beaver tales, not Nanaimo bars, nor Thousand Islands sauce, poutine or Digby scallops lightly buttered and rolled in crushed dulse and pan fried to perfection (oh... my... god...). But rather, good old fashion Thai red curry. Yes. Thai red curry is by far the most Canadian meal I could think of.

It turns out the most widely sold brand of Thai curry you can get in Japan is a variety I used to buy back in "the old country". Since produce from Japan is almost the same as Canada, I'm able to make pretty much anything I want and -- to seal a phrase from a of a long-dead Japanese emperor -- "manifestly so," I cracked open some coconut milk with the jackknife-like Japanese can opener and served up some red curry with satsuma imo (more or less, a sweet potato), broccoli, spinach, onions and chicken! For the record, this is not the first time I made curry in Japan. Last time I made a from-scratch recipe involving the appropriate spices, yogurt, peppers and octopus, and had some sort of bizarre allergic reaction that I at this point can only attribute to strong agricultural chemicals on the peppers. The last time I made curry, I thought I was gonna die, so this new curry is big news!

Anyway, my only reason for posting this atrocity of a blog entry is to brag about my lovely curry, which did satisfy my nostalgic for home since this was my old stable food, so I should just stop now.


Kozo said...

Aww... No pictures to make my mouth water?

Gorrozolla said...

It's nice to hear some positives about Japanese culinary similarities to Canada. I was really suprised at how easy it was to make some of my favourite recipes(with some situations requiring slightly more creativity than others, albeit)

Michael said...

It does take some creative thinking sometimes, but that's a good thing, I think. Easy way to force oneself to learn new recipes.

Michael said...

Oh--- Kozo, no pictures. Actually, the disaster octopus curry I mentioned was the last time I took a picture of my food. Perhaps that photographic hubris was the reason for my attack... ;)