19 September 2008

Marriage Proposal On the First Day

Friday was the first day of my class at Ichikoko. I did my standard, professional, squeaky-clean, painfully boring self-introduction amidst cries of "kawaii!" and "kakko ii!", and then had them write short essays introducing themselves to me.

Most of them talked about their hometowns, their love of studying and their dreams of someday going to America™ -- all very standard. One, though, one was a little bit special. It's both the scariest and by far the funniest thing I've got from a student, or anyone else for that matter.

For the sake of privacy, I've changed her name, age and hometown, but the rest is in it's absolutely original formatting right down to the colours of the hearts.

Dear Michael

Hello (: My name is Yuri.

I'm fifteen years old. I live in Saga.

My birthday is June 20th.

My hobby is singing a song.

Let's sing together!!

I love LL class. Because I'll meet you ♥_♥!!

My dream is to wedding foreign man

I like foreign man
you are foreign man

I want to be a good friend with you.

When you see me, please say "Hello" to me

good bye

Do you have a girlfriend?
or boyfriend?

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