6 February 2010

Scary Japanese Toys 日本の怖いおもちゃ

As seen in a claw vending machine at a mall near you:

Bits and pieces of Gloomy the magic bear!

No idea what these are, but they look like blood parasites of some sort. Maybe actual size.

Not sure about this fella either, but he seems to be a communist. I wanted him SO BAD (not in that way) but I suck at claw games, and they only give you one chance.

I've never seen Usavich, but I gather he's a guard. I was thinking that Usavich and Putin-chan might be capitalists or American spies or something, since why would the communist have put them in jail otherwise? Anyway, like I said, I've never seen it but I've worked out a pretty complex back-story in my head that I'll share sometime.


Since this is food, it does not technically count as a toy, but it reminds me of a webcomic of years past and made me happy. This may or may not be whale-flavoured potato chips.

Anyway, my girlfriend is handy with the scoop machine and got me a Usavich masukotto, so this will have to do for now.

UPDATE: Usavich


ikumi said...

You have never had Ottoto?? The whale package chips?? You must have it. I am going to bring it to you next time. :D

Dr. Furious said...

Never! Looking forward to it, though!

Kozo said...

Remind me to take you to Nakano Broadway to see Japanese toy craziness in all its glory, if you ever come to visit.