20 May 2010

London 2012 Mascots Look Like Vortigaunts

Former Saga resident Charlene posted in her blog about London's lovable... eh... well, shiny Olympic mascots for the 2012 games, Wenlock and Mandeville -- which I believe are named after the finger puppets from Salad Fingers.

I realized, though, that I'd seen them somewhere before. It's been bugging me all day, but as soon as I got home today it hit me like a sack of oranges.

Exhibit A: Wenlock and Mandeville, Mascots

Exhibit B: The Half-Life game series aliens, the Vortigaunts.


Wenlock and Mandeville are Vortigaunts!

This is probably to get us ready for the invasion!!

AUGHHHH! *hyperventilate*

12 May 2010

Meanwhile at the Sock Kiosk...

Introducing the official socks of the Rastafari religion:

I've been told this is revenge for marketing lattes as "zen".