23 June 2011

Defacing Cute Characters in Textbooks

Japanese textbooks seem to have one unifying quality, which is the inclusion of cute mascots in order to keep the student from feeling like they're actually an adult.

For example, this textbook

has these two bean-shaped people...

Of course, when one comes across such things, the only appropriate thing to do is deface them.

After my last post, I was looking at the doodles in my old nikyuu textbooks and I noticed the further I got into studying, the more abstract and sometimes disturbing these "modifications" became.

At first it they were simple

but soon they became surreal and sometimes needlessly violent.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

If that's not enough, they started to drift into the murky realm of pop culture.

Video games which came out between 1997 and 1998 started making their way into the defacements.



Cartoons I watched as a kid:

Dino Riders

Which quickly became more abstract and quite strange...

And so on. A fun trip down memory lane and a terrifying look into my subconscious.

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